One Plan

Put your training plan in the palm of your hand. Whether you're training for your first 5K or just want to schedule your regular training sessions, Oneplan lets you enter your own plan or amend a preset plan to schedule and tick off your training sessions, around your busy schedule. Your plan, your way!

Take your plan off the Fridge

With Oneplan, you'll always have your training plan with you. Mark off activities as you do them, or mark them as not done, it's easy.

See your Progress

Track simple statistics against your plan, to see how you're performing week on week.

MultiSport, Multiplan

Add different sports to a single plan, or manage multiple plans for different events. Set up repeating activities for those regular sessions each week. Whatever best suits you.

Calendar Integration

Everyone is busy so why not see your training plan alongside your calendars and decide when the best dates and times are to train. And if a meeting comes up you can't avoid, move that activity to another day!

Easy Reminders

Setup custom notifications for each activity or generic plan notifications. Never miss a training activity because your piece of paper on the refrigerator didn't tell you!

We understand life get's in the way

No streaks to lose, no disappointment. Sometimes you just can't train, whether it's work, tiredness, social, we understand. Just mark an activity as missed and move on. Your motivation is to make the next activity, for you.